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Why We Appreciate Plants

save our forest

save our forest

We see plants everyday in our life, and we think that’s just part of this world. One of my student ask me “what happened to the world if there’s no tree?” Yes, we never think what would happened if there’s no plants in this world. We often think that plants just an object, like stone or soil. Plants are organism that live and have feeling too, only we cannot heard what it’s said.

Everything in this worlds have meaning and God create it with special purpose, with specific function.

Now days, plants become more less than before. Many cuts tree for build houses or building, parking area, department store, industries, etc. Human being become more and more everyday, and they cut more tree, so the oxygen become less while many organism need them. Why human do those stupid things? Oxygen will be an expensive things in the future if we not change our bad attitude to appreciate plants.

save tree

save tree

Let’s think, if there’s no tree so there’s no oxygen, coz oxygen only made by plants with photosynthesis. We can made oxygen in laboratory, cuts froms water but need a lots of energy, it’s gonna be expensive oxygen-more than diamond ring or Mercedes coz we need it everyday in every second of our breath. How if we don’t have any money to buy oxygen? Or, do you wanna move to the moon, maybe?

Second, if there’s no tree, so we cannot eat. Coz there’s no rice, vegetables and fruits. And we also cannot eat meat or egg, coz cow need grass and chicken need rice to eat. We cannot just drink water everyday, don’t we?

Third, if there’s no tree, will be flood everyday, coz there’s no root from tree that keep water in the soil. Without root of tree, water will easy to go everywhere. It’s disaster!

Fourt, if there’s no tree, so there’s no life in earth. Coz every organism that live in this earth need plants, in many ways purpose. Human and animal need food and oxygen from tree; Birds need tree to build nest for it’s babies, worms need tree so it’s can eat leaves that fall to the ground; ants need tree as place to live, many insect need tree as food and strategic place to lay their new generation, and… a lots more…

Every organism need plants. Tell me if you find there’s organism that not need plants in their life!!!

So, why we still cuts tree? Lets grow tree and keep them as friends in our life, so we can have harmony in life. Lets join 2gather 2 make beautiful world and good future for next generation with appreciate tree.

(Friday, March 13, 2009. 12:04 a.m, this written to remember me and everyone who live in this earth and care about our precious life. This writing inspired by pia-my student and panthera- a friend of mine)


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  1. Plant a tree and save the Earth
    Can planting a tree stop the sea level from rising, the ice caps from melting and hurricanes from intensifying

    Comment by Iqbal Mujaddid | March 13, 2009 | Reply

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