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African Cats

Who really love cats must watch this movie. Incredible movie. DocumeGambarnter with personalization mode. Understanding deep into hearts feeling in moms cats (Lions and Cheetah). Daily life until journey of Lions and Cheetah in Masai Mara National Park, Savanah in Kenya. So different with documentary film that we watch on TV. Release in 2011. With few figuran player, like tortoise, ostrich, hippos,secretary bird, crocodile, etc.

A mothers heart to fight for their children even its have to sacrifice its own life. A mothers life is for their child. The succesfull of a mother is how its can raise and make their child survive in this wild life.

The cute and beauty of cats…..

There’s a playing cats like ordinary cats we have on house, there’s love and caring, there’s sacrifice, there’s brave.

Survival of the fittest become a law in wild life. Even predator have enemies and have to fight for their life.

We can learn that predator function in ecosystem not like evil eat the hopeless. But, predator control density of deer, wild the beast and another herbivore that can blow up if there’s no control from our top of triangle piramide.

We can learn about love and caring from big cats mother and their sacrifice to make their bobs still alive and survive.

Tell us detail of big cats characteristic. The different in between male and female characteristic. What their point of life. How their live, their struggle and  survival.

Every animal in this movie have name, so we can different one from the others.Sita (moms cheetah) and Layla (moms Lion) are prove of succesfull mother in Masai Mara savanah. We can learn a lot from them.

A perfect movie…..

Must watch for u animal lover, especially cats.


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