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What Money Can Buy

With money we can buy food, things (motorcycle, hp, house, etcGambar), also possibility. What immosible can be possible with money.

Yesterday, I want to sign up teacher sertification, but unfortunatelly I’m late. But a friend of mine do the same thing like me, also late but his name can get in teacher sertification list. I ask him why his name can get in their list while his late. He said that he put an envelope with some money with his sertification data. Ooh, i see now…..

Another of my friend said there still enough seat (hundreds), but they can said late or anything. But, they give those seat to person that give an envelope with some money. What can i do then? What do you say about that?

People who should responsible with teacher welfare playing their stategic position to get some money while this nation have been given full thier salary every monthto them.

I’ve teach for 7,5 years. Lots of my frind that teach less year than me have their sertification. I dont understand how authorities people do their job.

How easy people can change with some money…

How sadness these people mentalities….

How hard for teacher to live properly, to get welfare like another people.

Even, teacher salary more low than labor that get UMR salary. Twenty percent for education its only for PNS, Not for Indonesian education.


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